Attempted and true farming strategies benefit Earth

The very best technology for the task isn’t always something from The Jetsons. Often Little Home on the Prairie approaches still work best.

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, a ministry of the Sis of Providence, utilizes innovation to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers provided in a Community Supported Farming program and for the Sisters of Providence kitchens at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. These efforts prevent the need to have the fruit and vegetables trucked as much as 2,500 miles and supplies safe, organically grown vegetables, herbs and fruit for the siblings and to those in the surrounding community.

Saving water
The staff, interns and volunteers are thrilled about the brand-new water station they will start utilizing this summer season.

Currently in the garden, an utilized restaurant sink linked to a tank enables the water utilized to wash veggies to be recycled when watering the plants.

” So the sink looks like any other sink, however the piping beneath goes over to a holding tank that has a sump pump in it,” discussed Candace Minster, garden supervisor. “When we require to water we turn on the pump. It’s kind of like a rain barrel.”

Candace stated it’s particularly good for vegetables like turnips, carrots, and beets that are pulled from the ground and extremely filthy. They will be cleaned up initially at the wash station in the garden and then go through a more refined wash back at the center.
Soil blockers
Previously in the growing season, handheld soil blocker tools are used while planting in the greenhouse. Potting mix is compacted into the soil blockers to develop cubes of soil.

” You wind up getting a stronger root system,” Candace stated. “And you do not have the same transplant shock when moving them to the garden in the spring.”

She said utilizing the soil blockers likewise conserves a little time when planting in the field.

” Due to the fact that you’re not trying to wriggle plants out of trays and pots,” she explained.
High tunnels
Rather than a greenhouse, which uses a heating element, high tunnels are warmed by the sun. This is called passive solar. White Violet Center has 2 high tunnels.

Candace said it’s 5 to 8 degrees warmer inside the high tunnel on a cold day. But if it’s a sunny day there could be a 10 to 20 degrees distinction.

Crops are grown directly in the ground beneath the high tunnel that is made out of a layer of thick plastic. Row covers put on the plants imitate a blanket that approximately adds about 3 more degrees of heat.

” This enables us to grow all winter season long,” Candace said. “In the dead of winter we’re growing things like spinach, beats, kale, turnips, carrots and bok choy.”

So, as you can see, a few of the innovation used at White Violet Center has been working well for gardeners for many years. Utilizing the suitable technology for the task does not constantly indicate big, glossy and costly. It can also be easy and clever.