Sullivan County Extension N.E.W.S.July/ August 2020

Some 10 year 4-Hers share dreams and recommendations

By Cheryl Casselman, Extension Educator

A handful of 2020 4-H 10 year members participated in a virtual roundtable discussion. These current high school graduates have huge dreams and a passion for helping others. With a little fear around the edges they’re moving full speed ahead to their future ventures.

Jaren Woodard, Maura Secrest, Bailey Flath, Brooklynn Williams and Sydney McCammon collected through the Zoom platform one evening in Might to address concerns to give insight into what is necessary to them. Jackie Wible took part through e-mail.

They have tasks. They’re utilized at regional drug stores and dining establishments and do landscaping work. They shared their driving forces in life.

Jaren, who desires make a PhD in pharmacy, prepares to participate in Purdue University this fall.

” I want to get out worldwide and help people. I do not like to see people harming,” he stated.

Maura is passionate about mission work. She prepares to go to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College this fall to study pre-medicine. She wishes to be a pediatrician and is thinking about taking part in Medical professionals Without Borders sooner or later.

” I want to take a trip the world assisting people,” she stated. “There are a lot of individuals who require aid.”

Brooklynn plans to go to Purdue University this fall to study agronomy. She wishes to have a profession as an agronomist for a seed business.

” A driving force for me is farming as a whole,” she said. “An objective is to attempt to determine a food source for any country. If people would not have to fret where their next meal is originating from would be an amazing thing.”

Bailey prepares to go to Indiana State University this fall to study psychology. Long term, she is interested in a profession in medical psychiatry and social work.

” Joy is a driving force for me,” she said. “I really delight in assisting people.

Sydney plans to go to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College this fall to study psychology and pursue a career as a behavioral neuro-scientist or in neuro-psychiatry.

Her driving force is “Knowing there’s a big wide world out there harming,” she said. “It refers attempting to assist others.”

After hearing the others share, Maura motivated her schoolmates.

” We’re going to alter the world, men,” she said.

Jackie plans to attend Lake Land College this fall where she is on the animals group. She plans to transfer to Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in farming organisation.

” What encourages me in life is the desire to reach my dreams.

With big dreams comes some concern, too. They shared what stresses them.

” What if I can’t do it? That I might not achieve what I have actually dreamed of my entire life,” Maura said.

Jaren and Sydney said they fret about finishing the education and then finding they don’t like the career.

” Am I going to enjoy it? By the time I remain in my profession it’s kinda too late,” Jaren said. “I stress over the little things.”

Sydney concurs. “What if I get many years in this job and I do not like it as much as I believed I would?”

” Retweet,” Jaren said.

Bailey and Brooklynn tension about not making an effect. “My biggest worry is that I’m not going to make a distinction,” Bailey said. “My daddy and grandfather were EMS. I want to remain true to that legacy.”

Brooklynn wants to make a distinction for people through farming. “Being a lady in agriculture I want to show I can accomplish the same as everybody else and in some cases even higher.”

How they desire us to keep in mind their group

” We’ve been through a lot. We’re losing our senior year,” Maura said. “I wish to be understood for being a generation who persevered through hard times. This is going to pay off in the end.

” Often we’re discounted by older generations,” Bailey said. “We’re not lazy. We are going to be a group of people that actually put things into motion to alter things.

Jaren said they support each other. “At the end of the day, we’ve got each other’s back,” he said. “10 year members and our senior class.”

We ‘d all do anything to be able to walk in the show ring one more time,” she said. “No matter what occurs, we’re going to be there for each other.”

Finishing high school and being a ten years 4-Her throughout a worldwide pandemic is unmatched.

” I am so dissatisfied that I am going out on a year like this, with the standard fair unable to take place,” Jackie stated.

” Nobody else understands what it resembles to go through this,” Maura said. “We only have each other. That adds to us being a close-knit group.”

Suggestions for very first year 4-Hers

” Get associated with as much as possible,” Maura stated. “Specifically 4-H camp. Do it! Be a therapist. 4-H camp is incredible. 10 out of 10.

” Get out of your comfort zone,” Jaren said. “Attempt to make connections and make good friends.

” Go to 4-H Camp. I definitely had a blast,” Brooklynn said. “Don’t get dissuaded your very first year. You have 9 more years to get that champ or that banner.”

Sydney motivates 4-Hers “not to be scared to attempt new things-camps, trips and junior leaders. If you hesitate to do it on your own, drag a good friend along.”

Bailey keeps in mind back to her very first time of picking tasks. “Selecting projects appears complicated,” she said.